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Opinion  |  18:01:23
Disability Rights in the workplace – what you or your clients need to know
The UK has a legal framework to protect disabled people, including an obligation on all employers to remove disadvantages experienced by disabled people in the workplace. While the percentage of disabled people in work...
Opinion  |  18:11:22
The Autumn Statement 2022 and the likely impact on Employers
Recently we have become used to greeting autumn statements, budgets and the unveiling of fiscal events with trepidation usually reserved for the results of a medical examination. The chancellor’s autumn statement of 17 November...
Opinion  |  10:11:22
Monitoring employees remotely
Following on from the recent series we did on hybrid working, another subject springs to mind in this context – that of monitoring employees remotely and data protection. It is axiomatic that it is...
Opinion  |  14:10:22
Hybrid working – what next?
Throughout the week my colleagues and I have been examining different aspects of hybrid-working, from the pros and cons and strategy to differing generational attitudes to working from home. Today we look at some...
Opinion  |  13:10:22
Strategy on implementing successful hybrid working
Over the last 3 days we have examined various aspects of hybrid working, including its pros and cons, encouraging people back into the office, and the intergenerational challenges which hybrid working brings. Today we...
Sad couple mourning loss
Opinion  |  12:10:22
Baby Loss Awareness and Employment Rights
This week (9 – 15 October) is national baby loss awareness week 2022. It marks a time for those that have lost babies as well as families and friends affected by baby loss, to...
Opinion  |  12:10:22
Different generational attitudes to working from home
In the third part of our series on hybrid working for National Worklife Balance Week, we look at the different generational attitudes to working from home. Part 1 – Part 2 The concept of...
Opinion  |  11:10:22
Encouraging a return to the office – carrot or stick?
As discussed in the part one of this week’s series on hybrid working, many employers are facing difficulties associated with hybrid working, including monitoring employee performance, maintaining a workplace culture and development for junior...
Opinion  |  07:10:22
National Work Life Week – hybrid working two years on
National Work Life Week is back for its second year running, starting today. Its purpose – to get both employers and employees talking about wellbeing at work and work-life balance. As a contribution to...
businessman looks out at sunrise from office
Opinion  |  08:07:20
Should you sign a settlement agreement on your redundancy?
Being made redundant can be a very challenging time. But what is the best approach to take? Signing a settlement agreement may be the best option for you, however there are a few thing that you need to know first.
Opinion  |  29:03:19
Use it or lose it? Not so simple when it comes to annual leave
Just when we thought the law on holiday pay was settled, it has reared its head once again. The latest decisions by the European Court of Justice (ECJ) suggest that employers and HR professionals need to do more than put appropriate policies in place.
Directors liable
Opinion  |  22:01:19
Are directors right to be concerned about personal liability?
Following a survey of 2,500 senior executives from across Britain, Spain, Italy and France, the Times has recently reported that one in four company directors has been subjected to at least one legal action from an employee, shareholder or regulator.
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