March 30, 2016

£7.4 million recovered for child after delayed diagnosis of her neurological cancer

In this tragic case the child’s mother brought her to the GP and hospital with neurological symptoms, eventually an MRI scan was undertaken but it was negligently reported as normal when there was clear evidence of a brain tumour in situ. It was a further 9 months and after a significant deterioration that the girl’s brain tumour was eventually correctly diagnosed.

This was a very complex case on the causation of the Claimant’s serious complications as a result of the delay in diagnosis involving a large number of medical experts. The injuries included slurred speech, facial palsy, reduced visual acuity, left sided weakness, impaired walking gait, cognitive deficit, memory problems, endocrine issues, personality change and sleep difficulties. There was a need for much more extensive surgery and oncology treatment.

The damages obtained will allow the claimant to secure appropriate adapted accommodation, commercial care, a case manager, aids and equipment, wheelchairs, adapted vehicle, physiotherapy, speech and language therapy, psychological support amongst many other things. The parents in this case expressed their relieve that their child would be properly provided for and that she would have the choice to make decisions as to how to live her life.

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