September 19, 2016

5 reasons we support the SWLST

RWK Goodman are taking part in the Bristol Legal Walk on Monday 26th September 2016 because we support the South West Legal Support Trust.

The role of the Trust is to help make access to justice a reality for those who need it most. An increase in poverty and a reduction in support services in the past few years has meant that the need for free legal advice centres has grown. Meanwhile, government and local authority funding for the advice centres themselves has drastically reduced.

Just some of the reasons we are going to walk the 10km route in support of the Trust are:

1. They help the helpless
The organisations provide free legal advice to the poorest and most vulnerable people in our society. Without this funding, it is likely that they would be denied any help.

2. They protect those that have been abused
The funding has meant that the organisations have been able to: prevent families being made homeless, help older people gain the support to which they are entitled and help women and children who have been trafficked for domestic servitude or prostitution.

3. They help fund vital support networks
They have funded and supported vital organisations in and around the South West region which provide an invaluable contribution to our society such as Law Centres, Citizens’ Advice Bureaus and Pro Bono agencies.

4. They train new generations to carry on the good work
The funding goes towards practical and fundamental parts of the organisation, for example: purchasing IT equipment that increases the capacity to undertake casework; help with feasibility or research with strategic social welfare legal issues; and help with staff training or organisational development that increases effectiveness.

5. They are experts in their field
The Trust works closely with The Access to Justice Foundation which operates across England and in Wales. This enables them to draw on the expertise of each region, assessing specific local needs and targeting resources where they are most needed.

We know from our own work how important it is that everyone has access to justice. Receiving legal help makes an enormous difference to people’s lives, helping to reduce debt, poverty and suffering. The money we raise will help keep the organisations operating, and help ensure their services are as effective as possible.

Please help us support access to justice in the South West and donate as generously as you can here

We have a team of 11 walkers: Ali Cloak, Lydia Excell, Pip Galland, Andzelika Kozakiewicz, Jennifer O’Rourke, Nathan Osoria, Laura Podger, Emma Robson, Abigail Sutcliffe, Charlotte Webb and Sophie Webb.

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