October 8, 2019

£4.8 million awarded for oxygen deprivation during birth

As a result of this C has cerebral palsy. He has problems with motor function and neuropsychological, cognitive and auditory difficulties. C’s working capacity will be impaired and he will require continuing help and assistance in education and in the workplace. C requires ground floor accommodation, adaptations to his home and daily support for some everyday living tasks. He will require continuing medical surveillance and physiotherapy. C’s life expectancy is also slightly reduced.

C received compensation of £2,350,000.00 together with yearly payments of £43,000.00 decreasing to £35,000.00 at 24 years of age (when it is anticipated he will obtain employment) for the rest of his life. The compensation payments will allow C to purchase a suitable house. It will also pay for ongoing specialist support and assistance for the rest of his life, providing him with financial security and a settled home of his own.

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