October 24, 2019

£30,000 for client trampled by cows

Our client was walking in the countryside using a well-trodden public footpath when he found himself trapped between a couple of cows in one field, and a large group in another. Unfortunately, the gate to the second field was missing, and our client ended up being charged and knocked off his feet where he found himself being trampled. Unable to get up from the ground, he had to ring and wait for an air ambulance with the cows still close by.

Our client was in hospital for eight days, suffering from fractured bones in his shoulder, seven fractured ribs (six of which had become detached from the rib cage), a fractured vertebrae and pneumothorax. Understandably, given the circumstances of his injury, our client also suffered psychological symptoms following the attack.

We brought a claim on behalf of our client under the Animals Act and for negligence and, although liability was not admitted by the defendant’s insurer, managed to secure £30,000 in compensation for him.

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