July 18, 2012

£20,000 for the surgery that could have been avoided with an earlier diagnosis

In 1993, Ms H ended up in an A&E, was admitted to the hospital and diagnosed with stones in both her right and left kidneys. She had to undergo a significant surgery removing her right kidney in March 1993.

When Ms H instructed out Clinical Negligence team, partner Gerry Ferguson promptly appointed experts who confirmed the effect of the delayed diagnosis on Ms H’s treatment. If she had been referred to hospital in 1987, a less drastic procedure would have resolved the problem. The defendant GP practice admitted the liability and made a payment of £15,000 into court. The photographs of extensive post-surgery scars Ms H ended up with helped to demonstrate the full effect of the delay and the claim was eventually settled for £20,000. A large part of this amount went to compensate for the – avoidable – pain and suffering that Ms H went through, with the rest required now for her to make the post-surgery adjustments to her life.

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