October 24, 2019

£15,000 in compensation for man injured whilst pony trekking on holiday

Our client was at a pony trekking centre when he was thrown from his horse and suffered significant injuries.

Our client was riding as part of a string of seven horses trekking along a steep, uneven trail when the sixth rider was thrown. This caused him to be thrown also, landing him on his back only to be trampled by one or more of the other horses in the chain.

Our client suffered several injuries including seven fractured ribs, haemothorax, soft tissue injuries, cellulitis in one arm, as well as pneumonia, shock and distress as a result of these injuries. As a result we brought a claim on his behalf under the Animals Act.

Liability was denied by the defendant’s insurer, however we managed to secure a settlement worth £15,000 for our client.

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