August 19, 2019

£11.1 million compensation for 16 year old boy affected by cerebral palsy in a claim against Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

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The hospital medical staff did not react to a deterioration in J’s heart rate before he was born. He should have been born earlier, by urgent caesarean section. Instead he was delivered by vaginal delivery and was born in a very poor condition. He was blue and floppy and required resuscitation.

J suffered brain damage as a result of the shortage of oxygen to his brain. He is now affected by quadriplegic cerebral palsy. J has developmental delay and uses a wheelchair.

Until J was awarded his compensation, he was looked after entirely by his dedicated family who worried about J’s future. The compensation received will now provide all the care and accommodation costs that J will need for the rest of his life. It will also provide him with top of the range equipment and optimal therapy to ensure that J now experiences the best possible quality of life.

The compensation was awarded by way of a lump sum of £3 million. J will also receive £120,000 per year until he is 18 years old and £180,000 per year thereafter.

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