Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

RWK Goodman is strongly committed to promoting Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity (ED&I) in our business.

We recognise, respect and value the different perspectives every individual brings to their work and the wide-reaching benefits these differences bring to our culture and clients.

In 2019, Bharat Nahar was elected to the board as the firm’s first ED&I Lead Partner. Bharat now leads an ED&I steering group as part of our drive to improve equality. The steering group is a committee of colleagues which spans our various geographical regions as well as the different generations of our business with a shared passion for shaping our ED&I journey.

Bharat Nahar has said: “We are all subject to prejudices and assumptions which may have little grounding in reality but nevertheless influence our attitudes and shape our behaviours. By recognising them for what they are, we can begin to lessen their impact. Everybody must have equal access to leadership and opportunities.

In order to be truly “ahead of the curve”, we must be modern in our make-up and have an outlook which reflects the clients that we serve. We cannot afford to lag behind society in this regard and to do so will be regarded as a serious deficiency in the success of our business.

I recognise that a different approach will be needed and that in order to see real change we need a model to achieve it. This will mean stepping out of our comfort zones. I propose to take a real world, common-sense approach with the aim of acknowledging, understanding and addressing the reality of ED&I in our business. My goal is simple: fewer barriers, more bridges.”

We are second among UK Top 100 law firms for gender diversity

We are proud to be ranked by The Lawyer as second among UK Top 100 law firms for gender diversity.

In March 2020 we celebrated our own ED&I week within the firm. This consisted of a series of content from colleagues on various aspects of diversity and inclusion, including religion and LGBT+. We also piloted the Google initiative #IamRemarkable with great success.

Supporting Diverse Talent

Our ED&I Action Plan focusses on embedding inclusion and diversity across all aspects of our work and culture, including increasing ethnic representation and creating a diverse talent pipeline. As part of this commitment, we are proud to partner with Black Lawyers Matter and the 10,000 Black Interns Programme to help provide opportunities for diverse talent in the legal sector. Find out more here.

Disability confident

We are proud to be committed to Disability Confident, a government led scheme to create a diverse working environment. We believe that we are strongest when we recruit from the widest pool of talent, and that means ensuring that our work-spaces are appropriate for all.

Our long established work in the field of personal injury and clinical negligence means that we constantly work with, and for people with a range of life changing injuries. We witness  first-hand how opportunities are taken away from people, and we constantly fight for them to be restored.

We strongly believe in the dignity of work, and that this opportunity should be made available to all. We are committed to making sure that all the different abilities of our staff are supported, and in doing so create a diverse, effective, and profitable organisation.