Our Environmental & Sustainability Policy

We recognise that that our firm may have a direct or indirect impact on the local, regional and global environment.

We are committed to minimising any negative impact and acting in a sustainable manner. We aim to meet the needs of the present, without compromising the welfare of future generation and the Earth’s resources.

We regularly review the work we do and the way we do it. We consider, whether through innovations and technological advances or through adopting alternative procedures we can deliver our services in ever more sustainable ways without compromising on quality.

To reduce the overall carbon footprint that RWK Goodman creates we are members of The Legal Sector Alliance. As members we are fully committed to the following 7 points:

  1. Measure, manage and reduce the impact of our operations.
  2. Work with external stakeholders to reduce our indirect impact.
  3. Integrate awareness of climate change across our business.
  4. Advise clients on the opportunities and obligations arising from and under climate change law.
  5. Work collaboratively to engage in the public debate on climate change and to develop, apply and promote best practice across the sector.
  6. Report on our progress and be accountable. Adopt and pursue a challenging emissions reduction target.
  7. We aim to reduce our paper use within the business by at least 25% over the next 7 years; this will be achieved by scanning documents and duplex printing.
LSA Membership RWK Goodman
The Legal Sustainability Alliance

We are members of The Legal Sustainability Alliance. The only not-for-profit sustainability network run by law firms for law firms. The LSA has been leading the way in sustainability for UK based law firms since its inception in 2007. During that time firms have moved from measuring and managing their carbon emissions to committing to Net Zero by putting sustainability at the heart of their businesses.

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  • We will use endeavour to use sustainably sourced paper for our printing, where possible.
  • We have introduced technology to support a paperless working office and access for our staff to centrally held information and files, therefore reducing the need for paper copies of drafts and documents.
  • We will shred all confidential waste paper for recycling.
  • We have moved all offices over to renewable energy, where possible
  • We actively encourage our staff to continually review and challenge more sustainable practices.
  • With dissemination assistance from the Carbon Trust Initative, we encourage all staff to switch off lights and electrical appliances before leaving the building. We also actively promote the aims of the Carbon Trust through display of promotional material.
  • We utilise online information, marketing and advertising to limit our need to paper based promotional literature.
  • We promote and use Video Conferencing as often as possible to reduce inter-office and client travel requirements.
  • We support the Green Earth appeal and automatically forward e-mails with previous trail in attachments to lessen the burden of printing.
  • We encourage staff to cycle to work by participating in the Government backed Cycle Scheme and encourage walking, the use of public transport and car sharing when staff need to travel between office locations.