Joanna Toloczko



About Joanna

Joanna is a Family law partner with over thirty years’ experience of family and divorce law, in leading law firms in London and Essex.

Joanna joined our London Family team in March 2021 as a partner specialising in all aspects of family law with an emphasis on divorce, financial remedies, and family agreements.

With over 30 years of experience, Joanna provides her clients with the support they need to approach complex relationship situations with clarity, confidence and dignity. She helps her clients to focus on the future by approaching the negotiations in a constructive and non-confrontational way.

With a wealth of experience in family law and mediation, Joanna specialises in:

  • Divorce and dissolution of civil partnerships
  • Family agreements including prenuptial and postnuptial agreements, separation agreements and cohabitation agreements
  • Family mediation
  • Financial remedies within divorce proceedings


Joanna has a particular interest in complex and high value financial remedy applications within divorce proceedings, such as cases involving business assets, property portfolios or trusts.

She also has a passion for helping separating couples to resolve disputes using Family Mediation and thereby avoid the stress, expense and delay of court proceedings. Joanna is a Family Mediation Council accredited mediator.


  • Resolution
  • Family Mediation Council accredited mediator
  • East London and Essex Collaborative Law Pod
  • Surrey and Sussex Collaborative Law Pod
  • Law Society Family Law Panel

Learn more about Joanna's areas of expertise

Cohabitation agreements
Cohabitation does not provide you with the same level of legal protection as marriage. If disagreements arise around financial assets or children, a legally binding cohabitation agreement can help keep the peace.
Family mediation services
Our mediation and family dispute resolution services can help you and your partner come to a joint decision about the best solution for your family in relation to your children and/or finances on separation, divorce or dissolution of your civil partnership.
Pre and post-nuptial agreements
No one goes into a marriage thinking that it won’t work out, but unfortunately it’s the sad reality that more than one in three marriages end in divorce. A prenuptial agreement can be a simple but effective way to safeguard your interests should your marriage breakdown.
Protecting your finances in divorce
In divorce the division of assets can be a stressful process. Our team of solicitors understand the best ways to protect your money and offer practical legal advice to help you secure your finances.
Separation and divorce solicitors
Whether you are going through a separation or divorce we recognise that this will be exceptionally stressful at any stage of your life. There are options available to suit all budgets and we can talk you through any options or concerns.
Children Disputes
There is no negotiation more difficult than those surrounding children. We can help separating parents put their children’s needs first, achieving the best result for you and your children, quickly and sensitively.