Carole Yearsley

Carole Yearsley

HR Consultant

About Carole

Acting for a wide range of businesses, some of Carole’s recent clients include Oyster Hotels, Virtua UK Ltd, Xograph Healthcare Ltd, Icera Inc, First Great Western and Cosi International. Clients recommend Carole for being “professional and pragmatic.”

Carole is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) and in 2003 Carole founded the Bath & West Wilts CIPD group which she chaired for five years.

Examples of Carole’s work include;

  • Completed on behalf of a client a reorganisation of their company structure which included full consultation with employees, voluntary and compulsory redundancies. Leaving the management team free to manage other company matters and be free to manage the process of supporting the business and its employees within the new structure.
  • Carried out a complex independent disciplinary investigation on behalf of a client which included interviewing employee internally and gathering information from external advisory organisation. Completing a comprehensive report for the client to use in the management of the disciplinary matter.
  • Negotiated and agreed a settlement agreement for a client who was mutually exiting an employee from the business.
  • Mediating a sensitive maternity leave matter
  • Reviewed a complex industrial dispute involving five employees; making recommendations to the company for the resolution of the dispute.