Cameron Findley-Smith

Trainee Solicitor

About Cameron

Cameron works in the Compensation Protection Unit, and he assists in managing compensation awards for clients where they have a court appointed Deputy, or for clients with a personal injury trust.

Cameron works in the Oxford office and assists with the management of client financial affairs, and the case work that he conducts on behalf of clients includes but is not exclusive to:

  • Drafting applications, statements and notices to the Court of Protection
  • Completing financial transactions and activities on behalf of clients
  • Assisting in employment matters regarding care worker contracts
  • Assisting with tax matters on behalf of clients
  • Assisting in the day to day management of client files
  • Completing reports and schedules of income and expenditure for the Office of the Public Guardian
  • Liaising with various professionals to progress client matters
  • Assisting in maintaining financially prudent oversight over client transactions and financial affairs
  • Working closely in a holistic manner with families and professionals, to obtain beneficial outcomes for client’s
  • Completing reports and documentation to supervisory bodies and financial institutions on behalf of client matters
  • Working closely with team members and other professionals to ensure a high quality of service is delivered by the team
  • Liaising with third parties where required on behalf of client’s