June 22, 2011

Withy King slams Governments decision to cut Legal Aid

Withy King has today slammed the Government’s decision to cut legal aid, and vows to continue lobbying for change.

The Legal Aid Reform Bill was published yesterday (21 June 2011) confirming the Government’s intention to cut legal aid, despite extensive petitioning by organisations such as Action against Medical Accidents, Resolution and The Law Society as well as the wider public.

Withy King believes that the government has not fully understood the implications of the reforms – especially for clinical negligence cases, which affect some of the most vulnerable in society.

Paul Rumley is a partner and clinical negligence specialist at Withy King. He said: “I am incredibly shocked that the Government has gone ahead with these proposals. Cutting legal aid will leave millions vulnerable and without a way to seek justice. It’s going to have a massive impact on victims of clinical negligence – those who have been injured at the hands of medical professionals.

“These plans affect the vulnerable – babies, children, the elderly and those without mental capacity. It’s outrageous that this bill has been passed; how does it fit with the government’s promise to ‘protect the most vulnerable in our society from the effect of the budget cuts’? It’s simple – it doesn’t.

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Withy King slams Government's decision to cut Legal Aid reforms

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