February 25, 2013

Withy King to offer family law arbitration

Jon Toogood, a family law expert at Withy King, has qualified as a Family Law Arbitrator. He will become a member of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, joining a select band of 75 Family Arbitrators nationwide.

Arbitration is another way of resolving matrimonial disputes without involving the Court. An arbitrator will hear from both sides and decide how best to resolve the issues under dispute. One of the most commonly disputed areas is how to apportion finances and property when a marriage breaks down. The arbitrator’s judgement is normally final and legally binding.

“Arbitration is extremely helpful to many couples and often provides a compelling alternative to lengthy and expensive litigation,” said Jon Toogood. “We look forward to working with other family solicitors who have clients they feel could benefit from arbitration. It’s a relatively new, but highly effective form of dispute resolution and we believe it has a bright future.”

There are a number of advantages of arbitration. The parties can control the process by choosing their decision-maker and structuring procedures to suit their needs. Arbitration tends to be a quicker and more efficient way of dealing with acrimonious marital breakdowns and it gives parties the reassurance that the outcome will remain confidential.

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