September 1, 2015

Wiltshire Business Agenda – Issue 8 [1 September 2015: Reducing the Inherent Risks of Shareholder Relationships]

Wiltshire Business Agenda
The Wiltshire Business Agenda is a bi-monthly feature run by the commercial teams in Withy King’s Swindon and Marlborough offices in association with Wiltshire Business magazine, Wiltshire Gazette & Herald and The Wiltshire Times. The features are designed to highlight the issues which are keeping many businesses awake at night and a provide a platform for constructive debate.

We would welcome your involvement. If you are based in Wiltshire and would like to contribute to the feature, please email your name, business name and contact details to [email protected]

In this feature: Reducing the Inherent Risks of Shareholder Relationships

Anyone who owns a company is likely at some point to consider whether to invite others to join. This is often an inevitable consequence of growth and a positive move for the business.

HOWEVER, introducing new shareholders is not without its challenges. Professional advisers from Wiltshire-based firms, Withy King and Morris Owen, discuss the issues and advise on how to minimise the risks.

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