January 6, 2015

Wiltshire Business Agenda – Issue 5 [January 2015: When it’s time to sell up and move on]

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In this feature: When it’s time to sell up and move on

Selling a business which you have spent years building can be a difficult and emotional task not to mention time consuming.

However with the right support and guidance, it’s a worthwhile and enriching journey, according to former park home estates owner, Jacki Rodikis, who recently  sold her company.

Based in Swindon, the company ran two park home estates which Jacki bought in the 1970s and developed over the next 40 years, while raising three children and  writing her autobiography ‘Because You Are A Woman’.

“I had been thinking about retiring for  several years when I suddenly reached that pivotal moment when the time was right to sell,” explained Jacki. “I approached a couple of agents who specialised in park  home estates and they gave me a good indication of what the business was likely to achieve in the market. I then talked to my accountant about the tax implications before speaking to an independent financial advisor about whether the remaining proceeds would generate enough of an income to allow me to retire

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