June 10, 2019

What are the benefits of our Erb’s palsy legal clinic?

Baby's hand shown being held by a parent

We are delighted to confirm that we will be hosting an online clinic on 11 March 2020 with medical experts in the fields of obstetrics and orthopaedic surgery, as well as members of the Erb’s Palsy Group.

We found that parents whose children have Erb’s palsy have many questions about the condition, but don’t often have the opportunity to ask questions of legal and medical experts without having to be referred or take the time to find the right specialists.

In our clinics we enable parents, from the comfort of their own home, speak directly to our legal specialists and ask questions of leading experts in the field of Erb’s palsy. They can also just listen to the discussion that takes place, and perhaps learn something new about treatment or prevention of the condition  that they may not have been aware of before.

For example, the topics covered will be:

  • the delivery of big babies
  • offers of a c-section and the Montgomery case
  • medical records
  • treatment options post-diagnosis, including surgical options.
  • physiotherapy
  • access to private treatment
  • birth injuries to mothers as well as baby
  • brain damage in association with Erb’s palsy.

Furthermore, our legal team can also provide insight into the options that are available to parents if they wish to explore a claim for compensation, and how this might help them with treatment going forward.

And, most importantly, the way we have setup the clinic means that whatever you ask – unless you want it answered as part of the clinic – will be kept private between you and our team. Rather than an open forum, you will only be speaking to our legal team who have experience of a wide range of Erb’s palsy cases and as such will deal with any questions you may have sensitively and with compassion.

How does it work?

During our next Erb's Palsy Clinic on 11 March 2020, our team, alongside medical experts and the mother of a child with Erb's, will discuss the latest developments and research in the field of Erb’s palsy. During this time, you will be invited to live chat 1-to-1 with our team, and even discuss your experiences to determine whether you may have a claim if you would like.

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