January 5, 2016

Wiltshire Business Agenda – Issue 10 [5 January 2016: Thinking of buying a business?]

The Wiltshire Business Agenda is a bi-monthly feature run by the commercial teams in Withy King’s Swindon and Marlborough offices in association with Wiltshire Business magazine, Wiltshire Gazette & Herald and The Wiltshire Times. The features are designed to highlight the issues which are keeping many businesses awake at night and a provide a platform for constructive debate.

We would welcome your involvement. If you are based in Wiltshire and would like to contribute to the feature, please email your name, business name and contact details to [email protected]

In this feature: Thinking of buying a business?

Buying a business is often a difficult and time consuming project. Careful planning and management, together with a team of experienced advisers, can make all then difference. Rishi Ladwa, a lawyer in the Corporate and Commercial team at Withy King’s Swindon office, advises on navigating the risks of acquiring a business, the best way to approach an acquisition and how the right support and guidance can make or break a deal.

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