Vision & Values

Introducing our vision & values, and
how we will deliver them.

"Everything we do is based on our values, from the commitments we make to our clients, to the way we celebrate success with our people".
Amanda Dow, HR Director

1. Understand our client value proposition and external brand.

2. Develop our experts and expertise in our chosen areas of focus.

3. Consolidate our regional focus and build a national profile.

4. Support our clients and their communities.

5. Prioritise time for client engagement and listening.

1. Understand our own employee value proposition and identity.

2. Ensure everyone has a voice and feels connected to the bigger picture.

3. Foster an inclusive working environment built on shared values and an open culture.

4. Provide high-quality, interesting work.

5. Continue to understand our employees wellbeing and act on opportunities to improve our approaches.

...we’ll continue to be a socially conscious firm

Our commitments will create relationships
built on trust

We will put diversity and inclusion at the core of our values

We’re committed to creating a diverse and inclusive environment– enabling us to harness the best available talent to create value for our clients, our people and our communities.

It’s not about ticking boxes, and it’s more than just equal opportunities. It’s about respecting our people as individuals and valuing their different contributions.

And commit to minimising our environmental impact

As well as implementing environmentally-driven procurement standards, we will be increasingly supporting our workforce to make the right lifestyle choices and support the environment.

We have committed to working towards a carbon neutral status in an agreed timeframe. As well as launching a carbon sequestration project.

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