Divisional priorities

A new approach to strategic alignment and increased collaboration

Our sector offering is focused on providing specialist advice and thought leadership to commercial clients within our four key sector groups and other emerging sectors, with a view to growing revenue.  

Our focus is to develop improved strategic alignment and increased collaboration between business units and sector groups, including through integration of our Key Account Management programme.  We will develop our knowledge of trends that affect our sector groups and use that insight to inform our marketing and business development campaigns.

We will invest in our people to develop sector and business development expertise. Operationally, we will focus on developing structural integrity of our sector groups, and consistent KPIs, financial reporting, client data and marketing and business development campaigns.

Strategic priorities

Identifying the strategy priorities
for the Sector Division.

1. Revenue generation

Whilst we report on sectors, their billings are across our divisions / business units, but currently represent 10% of our firmwide billings with an aspiration to increase this to 15% by 2025

2. Proposition

Articulate our capabilities in our key sectors – banking & financial services, health & social care, retail, and technology - whilst retaining and executing on opportunities in other sectors where we have critical mass

3. People

Develop our BD capabilities within sectors to improve the articulation of our expertise and upskill our teams to successfully win new business

4. Business Development

Develop our KAM approach and recognise opportunities for collaboration with referrer relationships (KAM lite) and on collaborations with third parties for revenue generation / MBD profile raising

5. Marketing

Moving away from tactical marketing activity into multi-channel marketing campaigns (e.g. Retail Reboot) running across multiple teams / sectors that generate better and more visible ROI

6. Operational

Develop key structural integrity to our sector model including clear communication, reporting and team composition with a focus on rewarding opportunities to share clients

James Sage

Sector Divisional Lead

[email protected]
01225 730 231