Divisional priorities

Building a culture of client-sharing to access new opportunities

The focus of the private team, encompassing Private Client (PC), Family (FA) and Residential Property (RP) will be to understand and execute on opportunities to share clients across the division.

Successful management of referrer relationships and processes / triggers to understand private client opportunities at a deeper level are critical, alongside successfully ‘seeding’ our capabilities as a whole in our marketing and BD for repeat business.

At an operational level our regional positioning is an important differentiator given our client base. This will need to be managed against our national offering which increasingly will look at digital approaches from a marketing and product perspective for revenue growth.

Strategic priorities

Identifying the strategy priorities
for the Private Division.

1. Revenue generation

A divisional total of £18m with a gross margin of 50% by FY24

2. Proposition

Understand private client legal needs and where our divisional capability can provide holistic advice, whilst understanding the need to build our reputation as experts in each of our regions (as well as at a national level)

3. People

Realise opportunity created by recent lateral hires as well as supporting the development of our individual business unit and team capabilities

4. Business Development

Focused analysis and segmentation of referrer contacts (e.g. IFAs, banks, agents) to understand relationships at a deeper level and other opportunities for revenue generation (e.g. ADR)

5. Marketing

Creation of campaigns (e.g. housebuilding, personal finance, entrepreneurs) that integrate our service offering and engender client sharing. Improvement of digital footprint including reviewing opportunity to work with online influencers / obtain celebrity endorsements

6. Operational

Deeper understanding of our digital presence both in terms of marketing but also where opportunities exist to create online product services (e.g. wills) and adapt to other changing consumer interest with a digital focus (e.g. digital legacies)

Tom Gilman

Private Divisional Lead

[email protected]
07748 115 006