Divisional priorities

A new and combined approach to focus our efforts and grow our market share

The focus of the injury division, encompassing Clinical Negligence (CN), Personal Injury (PI) and Compensation Protection Unit (CPU) will be to leverage our composite expertise to provide a lifetime injury capability to our clients.

This synthesized approach will be reinforced by our external positioning delivered via an emotive and supportive tone using our flagship Team Around the Client (TAC) concept and by developing more consistent approaches to tracking and executing on client sharing opportunities.

Our intrinsically linked capabilities will form the basis of our strategy and bolster the development of our experts to grow our business.

Strategic priorities

Identifying the strategy priorities
for the Injury Division.

1. Revenue generation

A divisional total of £12m with a gross margin of 50% by FY24

2. Proposition

Enhance “Your Injury” capabilities nationally (including growth of London presence) with a focus on our expertise in birth, brain, spinal, dental and animal injury, mesothelioma and compensation trusts and deputyships in addition to developing our presence in other key/emerging specialisms

3. People

Develop and support our people to execute on emerging themes and future proof the team approach via succession planning

4. Business Development

Develop relationships with existing / new charities, policy makers and influencers whilst cementing our credibility with referrers to engender more referrals for CN, PI and CPU

5. Marketing

Improve our digital offering via our TAC proposition as a cornerstone of ‘Your Injury’ presence on the website, supported by a variety of channel work (e.g. ‘In Conversation’ and ‘Policy Watch’) and targeting advertising

6. Operational

Analyse our client sharing model to engender repeat / lifelong engagement and enable tactical marketing of the benefits of the Trust Corporation (WTKL)

Tracy Norris-Evans

Injury Divisional Lead

[email protected]
07717 358 058