Enhancing our position as a top 100 sustainable firm

Introducing a clear direction of travel and a plan for growth

To achieve our mission we have four priorities

2020 brought challenge and change for both our people and the wider industry. Our next three years as a firm will be shaped by four strategic priorities.

Watch the video from Graham to find out more.

Our four strategic priorities

Sustainable growth


As we emerge from the impacts of Covid, the following priorities will shape a sustainable growth strategy.

Set ambitious goals

  • Consolidate practice areas: London, Thames Valley, South West
  • Consolidate key client relationships

Define our sector focus

  • Health & Social Care
  • Banking & Financial Services
  • Technology
  • Retail
  • Identify and prioritise other emerging sectors

Engage with core markets and key clients

  • Revenue target of £50m by 2025
  • Commercial 40%
  • Private 35%
  • PI/CN /CPU 25%
  • Sectors to represent 15% of RWK revenue by 2025 (currently 10%)

Lead with purpose

  • Live by our values
  • Support our people to fulfil their potential
  • Think ahead and spot opportunities

Personalised client service


Strong legal practices are built on trust – and that comes from exceptional client service.

Develop our Client Value Proposition

  • Recognise our key differentiators
  • Build credibility in the marketplace
  • Define our brand promise

Seek and use feedback

  • Build an actionable client feedback system
  • Seek, analyse and act on client feedback

Understand our clients and markets

  • Deepen our understanding of key clients and markets
  • Prioritise time for relationship management
  • Collaborate to create an alignment of interests

Strengthen our pricing model

  • Ensure consistent pricing for each target client/group
  • Strategic pricing to win new business
  • Use transparency and price certainty to enhance trust 

Dynamic culture


Through recognising talent and harnessing shared purpose, we are able to cultivate the ambition to drive the firm forward.

Develop our leaders and managers

  • Engage our people and support them through career progression and continuity programmes
  • Introduce management development programme

Level up our offering

  • Review a competitive reward, recognition and salary/benefits package
  • Commit to closing our gender pay gap

Grow our people

  • Deliver a tangible progression framework for our people
  • Create a revised Balance Scorecard and Career Development Framework to support everyone’s growth

Rethink our space

  • Rethink our office space to drive collaboration Post-Covid
  • Build a strategy to reformat our office
  • Build new collaboration zones and analyse utilisation to make improvements over time

Financial & operational excellence


Delivering excellent results to increase profits, increase accountability for partners and strengthen our cash position.

Increase profitability and cash collection

  • Plan investment to deliver BU and sector growth
  • Prioritise work and clients that match our financial aspirations
  • Manage our clients expectations around billing and cash collection

Performance accountability

  • Prioritise time for financial management 
  • Set clear objectives and performance expectations 
  • Align performance to reward

Upgrade our technology

  • Introduce IT architecture to support applications 
  • Information Security Management: Cyber Essentials Plus and IASME accreditations

Service delivery and risk management

  • Invest in Peppermint CX365 to standardise and automate client/matter and compliance management
  • Provide regular training and education to drive cultural change