Divisional priorities

Exciting new opportunities are emerging for the agile and adaptable

There are significant opportunities for our commercial division as we move out of Covid and into a post-Brexit environment. Providing a consistent offering across the division is vital here.

Understanding the nuances, but also the collective value will be key. We will pivot our capabilities for key areas as the economy transitions (e.g. insolvency / recovery) and prepare for the upturn in transactional support as acquisitive sectors return.

Targeted collaborations with referrers and a strategy for developing referrals from other law firms will support our aim to develop existing clients / prospects whilst leveraging our inbound expertise for international clients.

Strategic priorities

Identifying the strategy priorities
for the Commercial Division.

1. Revenue generation

A divisional total of £20m with a gross margin of 50% by FY24

2. Proposition

Develop a consistent market position around our transactional capabilities (with a focus on buy side) and our risk capabilities (including disputes, insolvency and recovery services), underpinned by our employment and real estate strength

3. People

Assess and understand our skills gaps (to develop strategies to recruit in targeted areas) and successfully integrate new hires to deliver succession plans across a number of key areas

4. Business Development

Enhance our approach to referral relationships to effectively share clients. Develop relationships focussing on our corporate gateway initiative and links to SME / entrepreneurs

5. Marketing

Position via our sector offering a mixture of campaigns such as those around the changing dimensions of employment and the seismic change anticipated in retail

6. Operational

Develop KAM lite models to manage a broader range of clients, creating consistent pricing methodologies and leveraging opportunities to cross-sell, with a focus on internal collaboration on sector campaigns

Paul Daniels

Commercial Divisional Lead

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07788 662 201