February 6, 2012

Royds staff support Oxfam “Collects at Work”

Taking unwanted items to the local charity shop is often on everyone's "to-do" list but is frequently put off for another day. Instead, you simply take donations into work and Oxfam will do the collecting!  Many commute in by tube or train but there is no need to bring in all donations in one go.

Royds' first collection will take place later in February and we have identified an area for storage until then in one of our offices. We are also encouraging staff to sign up for Gift Aid www.oxfam.org.uk/collects/atwork (as it just takes one minute) so if Oxfam sell a donated jumper for £10 they can claim an additional £2.50 from HMRC for Gift Aid making the jumper worth £12.50!

Staff can also find out how much money their unwanted items have raised for Oxfam. They just register online at the link below with the firm’s name. Oxfam will then write to them with their own unique ID number and this is attached to your bag and Oxfam will be able to track your stock and let you know how much you have raised for Oxfam through sales in their high-street shops or their online shop.

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