February 1, 2013

Responsibility for accident re-evaluated when our client contacted RWK Goodman

Mrs M was being represented by a solicitor from a panel firm appointed by her insurance company. She did not realise that she had the freedom to choose her own legal representation and that she was not bound to use the solicitor that her insurance company appointed.

Mrs M’s road traffic accident happened in Somerset on 17 May 2010. Mrs M was travelling along a narrow country lane near her home address when the Defendant, Mr S, drove at high speed around a corner into a head on collision with Mrs M’s car.

As a result of the collision Mrs M suffered nasty orthopaedic and psychological injuries. Her previous solicitor had advised her to accept that she was 50% to blame for the accident and that Mr S was equally to blame. Mrs M was unhappy with this recommendation but her previous solicitor was not listening to her and said that a 50:50 apportionment was the best outcome she could hope for.

Mrs M contacted RWK Goodman a few months after the accident and asked RWK Goodman to obtain the papers from her previous solicitor to take over the conduct of her case. This is easy to do and is free of charge.

Since taking over the conduct of the case RWK Goodman have established that Mr S should bear the full responsibility for the accident. As a result, Mrs M’s final award of compensation will not be reduced at all because it is agreed that her conduct did not contribute to the accident happening in any way.

Due to the complex nature of Mrs M’s injuries the case is ongoing but it is expected that Mrs M will receive a substantial award of compensation.

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