June 27, 2016

Registration of new charity – Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS)

The charity, ‘CRPS UK’, is the first charity in the UK to support sufferers of this condition and seeks to alleviate the difficulties faced by them. Being a registered charity with the Charity Commission is a key step in CRPS UK’s future and will help them deliver their ongoing charitable objectives including supporting sufferers through support groups, promoting awareness and education within the NHS to enable a more timely diagnosis/treatment of CRPS, and develop better understanding and care of patients during hospital stays.

CRPS UK will be celebrating this milestone later this year by launching their new charity at the Houses of Parliament in November. They will have a stand in the Upper Waiting Hall in the House of Commons and will promote CRPS with Ian Stewart MP who championed their campaign last November.

As a firm we have enjoyed a close working relationship with CRPS UK for some time before we assisted them with their registration as a charity. We have acted for victims of accidents who have sustained injuries and developed CRPS, and so are proud to support them and also help raise awareness of this debilitating condition.

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