January 30, 2019

Randy Jackson – maintaining a healthy lifestyle after bariatric surgery

American Idol judge Randy Jackson made waves when he returned to the television show’s panel in 2004, over seven stone lighter than he had been at the end of the previous season.

Randy has been open about the struggles he has had with weight over the years. Reportedly having tried every means possible to reduce his waistline: "Liquid fasts. Bee stings... You name it. I have tried it…".

The decision to have gastric bypass surgery and the effects

At his heaviest Randy was over 25 stone and his health was suffering as a direct result of his ballooning weight. He was diagnosed with type 2 Diabetes in 2001 which proved to be the motivation that he needed to take the radical decision in 2003 to have gastric bypass surgery to boost his efforts to get down to a healthy size.

Despite this intervention, surgery has not been a magic solution to Randy’s problems. After the initial huge weight loss that followed his surgery, he has struggled to maintain a healthy weight, due in no small part to his self confessed love of food.

Randy has had to reluctantly commit to eating healthily and following a regular exercise regime to ensure that his decision to go under the knife and tackle his obesity continues to pay off.

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