November 3, 2012

Protecting the future after an Erb’s palsy injury

The compensation provided funds for her to undergo physiotherapy and a course of intensive rehabilitation. Sadly her treatment before the claim was patchy and she had not made the degree of progress it was felt she would have made had optimum therapy been provided early on. The rehabilitation package would go some way to undoing the shortfall in her past therapeutic treatment.

The injury had also made the little girl self-conscious and shy, which was impacting upon her confidence levels and willingness to participate in school lessons. To make sure this was considered, we obtained a report from an educational psychologist to determine the ways in which the injury was affecting her school performance and to recommend measures to help offset this.

We also obtained a report from an expert in care and occupational therapy, who was able to comment upon the ways our client would need support in the future. For example, she would need help with grooming and personal hygiene. The expert was also able to recommend aids, equipment and courses which would allow her to become as independent as possible in her future life. This included adaptations which could be made to a car to allow her to drive when she was old enough, and advising on the cost of a specialist driving assessment. These costs were included in the compensation settlement to make sure there were enough funds available to meet the little girl’s future needs

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