February 1, 2013

Previous solicitors’ expensive mistake rectified

She contacted solicitors about a possible personal injury and they arranged for her to be seen by a GP who then compiled a medical report. This report was used to settle the claim for £6,000.

The GP who saw Jill had told her that her injury was not particularly serious, and that she would recover to her pre-accident condition within 6-12 months of the accident. However, after a year her condition did not improve. The truth was that Jill’s orthopaedic injuries were much more serious than the GP had thought, and in addition she also suffered with depression which had been triggered by the accident.

Jill’s first solicitors’ serious mistake was simply sending her to a GP while she should have been seen by a Consultant who would have recognised the true extent of her injuries. When Jill contacted us, we investigated that in the first instance and arranged for her to be seen by an expert orthopaedic Consultant surgeon as soon as possible.

The Consultant’s report clearly demonstrated the previous solicitors’ negligence: Jill’s case, which had originally been settled for £6,000 was in fact really worth £100,000. By proving the negligence we were able to obtain the appropriate settlement for Jill to compensate her for the negligent way in which the claim had been dealt with.

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