February 21, 2024

New rules on automatic renewals of sponsorship licences.

Posted in Employment

Recently, employers licenced to bring skilled workers from overseas will have noted the government’s announcements on the new rules on minimum salaries for sponsored workers. This will doubtless have brought a significant degree of trepidation amongst some employers as to the consequences of these changes. Further information on the reforms can be found here: Increase in minimum salary for migrant workers | RWK Goodman.

Welcome news for licence holders…

Less newsworthy has been the other sponsor licence reform due in the spring surrounding the renewal of sponsor licences at the end of their usual four year life span. As of 6th April, employers will no longer need to make renewal applications for licences at the point that they expire (or not more than three months before, as is currently the case).

Licences that are due to expire on or after 6th April will automatically be granted a further ten years without the need for the employer to make an application or pay the usual renewal fee. This means that from 6th April, the only way that licences can be brought to an end will either be by the employer actively surrendering the licence or by the home office revoking it. This will no doubt be a  welcome relief from the somewhat cumbersome existing process of licence renewal applications every four years.

For employers with licences due to expire before 6th April, the usual process on licence renewals will still apply. However, it will likely be the last such renewal that the employer will have to make.

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