October 21, 2019

We’re launching a new product to help medical negligence clients manage expenses related to their claim

In honour of Erb’s Palsy Awareness Week this week, our Erb’s palsy claims team will now be offering this to all new clients who wish to use the system. The product will help our clients to keep track of and itemise spending related to their claim – special damages that only occurred as a result of their injury – and help our team to disclose this as part of their compensation calculations more swiftly.

The benefits of the system include:

  • enterprise-level security, to ensure that all their information is kept between the client and their solicitor
  • a mobile-friendly application, to enable clients to update their journal on the go
  • a simple user interface which gives clients the opportunity to simply take a photo of receipts (or scan them if they wish) and upload them to their journal in a couple of clicks and then build an accurate diary of events, appointments and money spent

The aim of this new system is to complement our continual aim to make the process of making a claim as efficient as possible, and bring claims to a conclusion within a much shorter timeframe. Furthermore, as part of an ongoing commitment to reducing the amount of paper we use, we hope tools like this will mean we collect and store fewer hard copies of documents as well as send out less post.

MyClaimJournal is just one more thing that makes our expert Medical Negligence team ahead of the curve.

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