November 9, 2018

A new way for business owners to manage their wealth and legacy

Life Safe

Gone are the days where the family home and a few investments in the latest pharmaceutical company are the sum of a family’s wealth. Legacy planning now has to accommodate information about your business interests, intellectual property, social media, betting and credit accounts, online investments, cryptocurrencies, blogs, domain names, online books and other original works, increasingly complicated inheritance tax laws, capital gains tax and strict landlord obligations on property portfolios.

Tom Gilman, partner in our Private Client team says, “Bereaved families I advise often have to deal with a fragmented estate where the executors are not clear on where or what assets there are and what their value is. Digital assets, investment in unusual collectables and online investments all contribute to a very complicated pot. This is where Life Safe comes in.”


Life Safe® - a unique portal for your life and your legacy

Life Safe is secure portal to store all your important documents available exclusively to RWK Goodman clients. You can consolidate all your personal documents in one place that your loved ones can access in the event of any issues.

It can also be used to provide a total wealth overview helping you and your family keep track of bank accounts, investments, property portfolios, pensions, collections, intellectual property and much more. Business owners can also use Life Safe to store documents relating to their business interests such as share certificates, loan note certificates, service contracts and shareholders’ agreements.

Tom says, “Life Safe helps our clients with complex wealth structures gain a complete wealth overview and to manage their legacy. They can leave detailed notes and visual records of their assets to make sure their affairs are left in good order for beneficiaries and use Life Safe as an invaluable hub to store important information for their family. For example, if copies of passports are needed urgently or details about the mortgage are required, my clients and their partners will know exactly where to find these important documents. They can even do so on the move with mobile access.”


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