October 22, 2014

Interleges Award 2015 launched

For the Interleges Award 2015, law students are invited to write on the topic of whether national tribunals can act as an alternative to international human rights courts.

The essay of up to 8000 words is asked to address the issues arising from one of the three topics below:

  1. Can and do national courts provide different or increased remedies to victims of human rights violations as compared to international courts? Are national courts available to enforce the decisions of international courts and how effective are such efforts? Include an evaluation of the reported effectiveness of national courts in providing remedies for such victims, and suggest improvements.
  2. Compare the recent trends in courts of such countries as the United States to reduce the availability of their courts for international human rights violations with the trends in the courts of such countries as Spain and Italy to provide an effective forum for such matters. Include an analysis of what role, if any, differences between the common law and civil law systems affect both the availability of national forums and remedies, and the willingness of the various national judiciaries to undertake a generous reception of international human rights claims.
  3. Examine the right of access of alleged victims of human rights violations to the national courts of various countries where defendants have financial resources that might be applied to judgement rendered in favour of such claimants. To what extent do national courts enforce the judgements of other countries in favour of human rights victims? To what extent, if any, do the doctrines of comity vary between common law and civil law jurisdictions in their reception of foreign judgements in favour of human rights victims?

The winner will receive 4000 Euros and an invite to attend the Interleges Annual General Meeting, which takes place in New York from May 14th-17th, 2015.

The deadline for entries is Friday, March 20th. For full details on submission guidelines and how to apply, visit www.interleges.com

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