October 1, 2012

How clean is your business…

The introduction of the Climate Change Act 2008 led to a huge drive across the country to address environmental issues and committed the Government to maintain momentum via provisions requiring the passing of regulations to enforce reporting requirements by companies on their greenhouse gas emissions. These regulations are now coming into focus.

Following a consultation earlier this year, the Government has announced plans to require UK quoted companies to report their greenhouse gas emissions. The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) is now running a consultation on the draft regulations which, if passed, will mean companies must start reporting in 2014.

Companies’ directors’ reports will be required to provide details about the annual quantity of emissions, recorded in tonnes of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases, from both direct and indirect emissions, such as manufacturing activities, transport or fuel combustion in the company’s premises or from its equipment, business travel and waste disposal.

It is highly probable that the scope will be extended to include all businesses in the not too distant future.  Many businesses have already adopted internal environmental policies under their ‘Corporate social responsibility’ (“CSR”) initiatives.  Aside from the economic and social advantages that internal CSR policies can offer, they can also serve as useful marketing tools in a climate where businesses have to fight increasingly hard to win work.

Have you considered how cleaning up your business could help you?

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