April 30, 2012

Compensation for life-changing injuries resulting from the wrong weight loss procedure

During the client’s procedure, the join was not properly stapled. The defect was diagnosed, but was not dealt with sufficiently promptly allowing sepsis to set in. The lady had to undergo another surgery in an attempt to minimise the damage, but the consequence were still severe. Eating became painful, and our client had to remain on liquid diet for 5 years. Both her bowel and her bladder functions were damaged, and she suffered from chronic fatigue syndrome and ongoing pain.

Her injuries had a huge impact on her daily life: she was no longer able to work and had to have someone assisting her with everyday tasks.

Richard Coleman, partner with a particular interest in weight loss surgery claims, acted on her behalf and recovered £530,000 in compensation for her injuries. This sum included the costs of case required in daily living, the cost of psychiatric treatment and counselling, the equipment the lady needed to make her life easier as well as the loss of earnings.

The hospital admitted 70% of the liability, which means that the case was settled at 70% of its overall value.

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