October 6, 2011

Colonna & Smalls celebrate big move

A Bath coffee shop is moving into larger premises, after outgrowing its previous location on Princes Street.

Lesley and Maxwell Colonna-Dashwood, owners of Colonna & Smalls, secured the lease for the former gallery space at 6 Chapel Row with the help of Bath law firm Withy King.

Lesley said: “The Princes Street shop, which opened in November 2009, has been a great success but the move is enabling us to expand our business offering, creating a more comprehensive coffee experience. We are developing our filter bar, which explores how the region, variety, processing, roast and brew method can affect a coffee’s flavour.”

The new store covers over 1000 square feet and incorporates the basement, ground floor and courtyard garden of the Chapel Row property. The basement will play host to Colonna & Small’s innovative and educational ‘coffee experience’, complete with tasting area and barista school.

Lesley added: “We are dedicating the lower floor to a unique educational area for speciality coffee and will be running a series of courses ranging from tastings and latte art to in-depth espresso classes.”

Caroline Entwistle, a commercial property solicitor at Withy King in Bath, helped Lesley secure the lease. She said: “It is encouraging to see that it is not only the big corporations or chains that are able to prosper in such uncertain times. Bespoke shops with the personal touch are thriving in Bath, demonstrated here by the success of Colonna & Smalls.”

[caption id="attachment_3263" align="alignnone" width="600"]Colonna & Smalls celebrate big move Colonna & Smalls celebrate big move[/caption]

The new store’s grand opening took place on Friday 2nd September. To find out more visit www.colonnaandsmalls.co.uk

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