April 21, 2016

Changes up ahead: court costs, rules and procedure

Looking ahead

While most of these changes are procedural and are for us as your solicitors to be aware of, we know you don’t want any surprises, particularly when it comes to costs.

Court costs rise again

With that in mind, please be aware that both types of general applications which can be filed with the court in civil proceedings will incur an increased fee. 'On notice' applications, such as an application for case management directions will increase from £155 to a £255 fee, and 'without notice' applications such as filing a consent order when a case has settled will increase from £50 to a £100 fee.

Costs budgeting

The costs budgeting system, which applies to all money claims over £25,000 is also changing and a more streamlined process will apply to cases valued between £25,000 and £50,000 to reduce the burden on parties and on the courts.

Personal insolvency

On 6 April, a new online portal replaced the existing written system for filing for personal bankruptcy.

More generally, the new Insolvency Rules which aim to consolidate the existing rules and legislation are due to come into force shortly.

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