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Opinion  |  15:03:22

March is Brain Tumour Awareness Month, a UK-wide initiative designed to raise awareness of all types and grades of brain tumours, a shocking diagnosis which 16,000 people a year receive in the UK alone….

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Opinion  |  06:10:20

The COVID-19 crisis has had a devastating effect on numerous aspects of the economy, and the charity sector is no exception. It is estimated that the sector has lost at least £4.5 billion in income as a consequence of the pandemic, so many charities have had to fall back on their reserves.

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Opinion  |  11:09:20

Not all birth trauma has a visible, physical impact upon new mothers. Sometimes, events and their aftermath can lead to significant psychological harm which isn’t visible but is no less damaging, and this is especially true when a birth injury occurs. Here we relate the story of one of our clients, whose daughter developed Erb’s palsy after negligent maternity care.

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post  |  30:01:20

To mark Young Carers Awareness Day Sarah White, a solicitor in our Medical Negligence team, looks into what it is like for young carers looking after family members who have suffered a brain injury and what support is available to them.

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