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Opinion  |  16:12:19

As the festive season approaches, awareness of the risks of drink driving come to the forefront of our minds, not least due to an increase in adverts highlighting how, if we drink and drive, we may end up arrested, injured or possibly even dead. Fortunately, the majority of us do think twice about how we intend to travel home after meeting friends or loved ones for a drink or two.

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Opinion  |  01:06:15

On 13 April 2015, the Criminal Justice and Courts Act 2015 came into force. Among its clauses, at section 57, there is a new provision which is relevant to personal injury claims. A claimant may now face having their entire claim for compensation struck out if they are found to have been fundamentally dishonest. But what does this mean and will it affect how personal injury claims are run?

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post  |  24:07:14

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and NFU Mutual have both raised concerns about the worrying lack of safety on farms and the industry’s poor record of managing risk. But where can British farmers find help when they have an accident or are suffering financial hardship?

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post  |  27:03:14

Over recent weeks the nation may have been glued to the rugby but, how much notice is being paid to the symptoms of a traumatic brain injury in sport and how aware is the nation of this silent epidemic?

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