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In April 2015, the Care Quality Commission (CQC) assumed responsibility for prosecuting providers for all health and safety related incidents. Four years on, we take a look at the situation, examine the trends and analyse the sanctions CQC has been applying.

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Following a pilot scheme in 2016, the rules for pursuing professional negligence claims have changed. The new rules suggest that a claimant should indicate, in their initial letter of claim, whether they wish to refer the dispute to adjudication and if so, make proposals for an adjudicator, or opt for an adjudicator to be chosen by the nominating body. If they do not wish to refer the dispute to adjudication, they should give reasons why.

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Kicking off from our offices on Queen Square in Bath on Monday 4 June, staff and partners from RWK Goodman are walking 200 miles to Carter Lane in London over 10 working days, finishing on Friday 15 June.

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Opinion  |  26:03:18

In his first speech since taking responsibility for social care reform at the start of the year, Jeremy Hunt has outlined the 7 key principles that will guide the Government’s thinking ahead of the social care Green Paper which is to be published later in 2018.
In this blog, we examine the principles and what these might look like for social care providers.

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Following on from my article in June, CQC has now published its response to the second round of consultation on its proposals for reforming the adult social care regulation.

As a result of the consultation, changes to the inspection regime will be implemented over the coming months, starting from 1 November 2017.

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