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Opinion  |  17:03:22

Over the past year, and the last few months in particular, “non-fungible tokens” (also known as “NFTs”) have exploded in popularity. NFT investors (including high-profile athletes and celebrities) have recently spent eye-watering amounts of…

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Opinion  |  13:10:21

As has been widely reported in the news, much of Afghanistan is currently under Taliban rule. Many UK banks are therefore seeking advice regarding the evolving Afghan situation, and what to do as regards their customers, and wider business, in the region.

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post  |  18:04:18

As an agent you will be engaged under a contract, which will specify, among other things, the basis upon which you are entitled to your fee. There are numerous pitfalls, however, that might prevent you from recovering your fee. Some of the most important ones are addressed below.

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