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When unmarried cohabitees separate, a key issue is often jointly owned property and what should happen to it. One of the most common options is to ask the court to make an order that the property is placed on the open market and sold. However, the recent case of Kingsley v Kingsley confirms that alternative outcomes are possible.

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It’s easy to become joint home owners: a joint ownership is typically created when an unmarried couple, or friends, buy a property together. This may work well for many years, but what if the relationship breaks down or friends want to part ways? This creates a joint ownership dispute.

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Cohabitee property rights are not the same as the rights of married couples or civil partners in the UK so what happens if your relationship breaks down and you need to sell? Hollie Gilham from our Property Disputes team gives some practical advice.

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If you’re buying a property with your partner and you’re not married or in a civil partnership, you won’t automatically have the same legal protection as you would have if you were married/civil partners.

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There are many circumstances where you might look into getting an injunction in a property dispute. For example: a developer building very close to your property may affect your right to light; a neighbour interfering with your right of access or causing noise nuisance, or people trespassing onto your property.

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