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Opinion  |  15:09:20

Rix v Paramount confirms the answer to a question that sometimes arises from fatal claims following the loss of the driving force behind family companies. The court looked at the reality behind the income from the company i.e. that it was generated by the husband despite the wife being an equal shareholder, and also reconfirmed that the dependency claim is assessed at the time of death, so the ongoing success of the company in the hands of the family’s sons did not reduce the widow’s loss of dependency.

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Opinion  |  11:06:20

Helen Childs, specialist industrial disease solicitor and head of our Mesothelioma Claims team, explains what we have learned from the impact of coronavirus on mesothelioma patients.

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Case Study  |  05:02:20

K was only 59 when he was diagnosed with mesothelioma in October 2016. A plumber by trade, he had come into contact with asbestos as a youngster, in the 1970’s and 80’s. The firms he served his apprenticeship with and worked for afterwards undertook domestic work as well as commercial contracts, including at several schools in the Reading area, where much asbestos was used, particularly in the boilerhouses and heating systems.

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