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Opinion  |  24:02:22

The Government has published guidance on its strategy for “Living with Covid” and a timetable for removing restrictions in England. We consider the implications of those changes on Employers below. Summary of timetable for…

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Opinion  |  29:03:21

The issue of modern slavery has frequently been in the news, and is a compliance issue for many companies. Those compliance steps are now increasing and companies should be aware of what they need to do to ensure their actions are future proof.

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post  |  09:04:20

According to analysis by the Resolution Foundation, the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme may see nearly a fifth of smaller firms furlough all their staff and 50% of companies put most of their staff into the scheme.

As UK employers make and execute their plans, having a crystal clear understanding of the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme is number one priority for most employers this month.

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post  |  31:03:20

The Coronavirus outbreak has caught many employers off guard and in the weeks that have unfolded there have been a few hero employers and unfortunately a few villains. Here, David Israel, Partner and Employment Lawyer speaks to TalkRadio about some of the big questions regarding your employment rights during this difficult time.

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post  |  28:02:20

As coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to dominate the news, we are receiving an increasing number of enquiries from clients who want to be stay prepared. Is the virus outbreak a force majeure event? What policies – travel, work from home or others – should employers introduce or review? In this post, we summarize the advice from our experts.

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post  |  27:02:20

Health Secretary Matt Hancock yesterday (26 February) stated that employers should pay sick pay to employees who have received medical advice to self-quarantine. He has told MPs that “self-isolation on medical advice is considered sickness for employment purposes”.

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post  |  16:03:18

MPs debate a parliamentary bill that seeks to make unpaid trial shifts illegal. The bill, if enacted, would require employers to pay staff on trial shifts the national minimum wage as well as providing…

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