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Opinion  |  14:04:21

Step one of the planned route out of lockdown in place. And it’s not just shops and restaurants; the obligation to work from home where possible has been lifted.

With many employers starting to plan their staff’s return to the workplace, our Employment & HR team examine where we are now and the next steps to take.

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Opinion  |  23:03:21

A year on from the start of the UK’s first lockdown – and the start of home working for millions of employees, our employment lawyers are considering the future of flexible working.

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post  |  25:01:19

Whether or not Patisserie Valerie is saved from the brink, this will likely be of scant consolation to the current shareholders who have seen millions of pounds wiped off the value of their collective investments. With details of the fraud and its perpetrators still unknown, the spotlight may fall on the company’s auditors, Grant Thornton. With reports of “thousands of false entries” in Patisserie Valerie’s ledgers, could they be liable to the shareholders for failing to spot the fraud apparently passing right under their noses?

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post  |  21:11:16

The findings of the Charity Commission’s recent inquiry into the Durand Academy and its supporting charities are an important reminder to charity trustees that no matter how much overlap there may be between a set of charitable and non-charitable organisations, the duties of the trustees and governors of each remain separate and cannot be assumed to be automatically fulfilled even when the relationship is running smoothly.

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