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Opinion  |  16:08:23

Many pregnant women carry the bacteria Group B Streptococcus or GBS and it is usually harmless to both mother and baby. However, in some instances the bacteria can pass to the baby and the…

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Opinion  |  06:10:21

Today, like thousands of people across the world, I will be celebrating World Cerebral Palsy Day. World CP day is an opportunity to raise awareness of cerebral palsy; to celebrate the lives of the 17 million people affected by cerebral palsy; and to focus on areas for change that will have a positive impact on their lives.

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Opinion  |  04:03:21

I recently came across the inspirational story of Bryanna Tanase featured in Horse and Hound. Bryanna, who is 17 years old and lives with cerebral palsy, shares her story on how horses have impacted her life and her dream of competing in the Paralympics. She hopes that she might inspire others to reach their full potential too.

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