April 2, 2013

Apple unlikely to obtain trade mark for name “iPad Mini” in US

In the letter from the USPTO, it said the "applied for mark merely describes a feature or characteristic of applicant's goods". The terms "mini" and "pad" and the prefix "i-" were all descriptive, it decided and did not "create a unique, incongruous, or non-descriptive meaning in relation to the goods being small handheld mobile devices comprising tablet computers capable of providing internet access".

Some have interpreted the letter from the USPTO as an outright rejection of the trade mark however Apple has until 24 July to amend the application. Apple will have to specifically demonstrate that the existing "iPad" trade mark has acquired distinctiveness and include a disclaimer noting that it is only attempting to trade mark the word "mini" when used as part of the entire "iPad mini" term, as other companies should be permitted to use the descriptive term "mini" for their own products.

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