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Report  |  11:04:23
Investment in maternity care would change lives and save NHS millions
Every year, around 1,800 UK children are diagnosed with cerebral palsy. It’s estimated that at least 1 in every 12 of those diagnoses occurs because of negligence in maternity care settings, with lives permanently...
Case Study  |  07:03:23
Compensation secured for mum who suffered bladder damage during birth of second child
During E’s second pregnancy, she was confident that consultant led care would identify any complications. However, a series of errors led to her sustaining a permanent bladder injury.
Opinion  |  16:02:23
The impact of racism within NHS maternity care
Kerstin Scheel takes a look at how the NHS is addressing inequalities in maternity healthcare that have been raised in recent years.
Podcast  |  08:09:22
How can we Make Birth Better? | Legal Thinking Podcast
A transcribed version of our recent podcast with Dr Rebecca Moore of Make Birth Better, and Sophie-Angwin Thornes from our Injury division.
Opinion  |  08:11:21
HSIB reports – Maternal death: Learning from maternal death investigations during the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic
HSIB have released a collection of reports, the “Maternity National Learning Reports”, regarding maternity units, expectant mothers and newborn babies.
Opinion  |  17:09:21
‘Safe maternal and newborn care’ – what is actually happening to improve NHS maternity services in the UK?
Kerstin Scheel reviews the current state of maternity care in the UK, and what is being done to improve patient safety in this area.
Opinion  |  06:05:21
Are the aims of the Montgomery case being met by maternity professionals?
Hannah Blackwell reviews a recent study into maternity care, which draws interesting parallels with our own recent What About Mum survey.
Opinion  |  05:01:21
Maternal care on the global stage and a closer look at hyponatraemia in the UK
Abigail Ringer, a member of our expert Birth Injury team, reviews some recent stats comparing the UK's performance in maternity care to countries across the world.
Opinion  |  30:11:20
What you need to know about maternal sepsis – guidelines, improvements to treatment and impact
A significant cause of maternal deaths in the UK results from sepsis (around 10%) (1). The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG) have clear guidelines on the management of bacterial sepsis before and after pregnancy, but is this enough to prevent serious harm to mother and babies from sepsis?
Case Study  |  21:10:20
Claim settled for significant maternal injuries against Bristol hospital Trust
Kerstin Scheel details a recent claim against a Bristol hospital Trust for significant maternal injuries including vaginal and perineal tears, some of which required a blood transfusion.
Opinion  |  10:09:20
One mother’s experience of the trauma of her birth injury
During birth injury awareness week 2020 one of our clients has kindly agreed to share her personal story with others, explaining what she went through, how she coped with her injuries, and how she eventually “came out the other side”.
Opinion  |  14:04:20
NHS Resolution’s Early Notification Scheme – is it working and what is happening regarding early financial resolutions of claims?
In March 2017 a consultation was undertaken by the Department of Health (DoH) as to the viability of an NHS run scheme (then entitled “The Rapid Resolution and Redress Scheme”) to provide early compensation to children, who, on the face of it, had incurred a neurological brain injury at the time of their birth due to clinical errors in care.
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